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Protect the Pension

One of the primary responsibilities of the Department of State Treasurer is to provide a safe and secure retirement for North Carolina's 875,000 public employees including teachers, police officers, firefighters, and public servants from all over the state.  These individuals rely on the integrity, knowledge, and judgement of the Department of State Treasurer.

The North Carolina pension fund is invested for the long term, and conservatively managed to protect the full funding status.  This keeps our state prepared to pay out obligatory pension benefits.


  • Maximize return on pension funds
  • Increase diversification and globalization of assets
  • Increase identification, measurement, control, and monitoring of both investment and operational risks regarding the pension
  • Secure and enable adequate resources for effective portfolio management through internal recruiting and retention, and use of diverse, capable vendors
  • Increase integration of Investment Advisory Committee for macro portfolio management decisions
  • Complete and implement proactive pension design for future retirement beneficiaries
  • Advocate for funding of the system by state and local officials
  • Increase knowledge and comprehension of stakeholders on obligations and funding requirements for the pension plan

Understanding Your North Carolina Retirement Systems
Pension plans have been in the news a lot recently, both nationally and here at the state level. The headlines talk about a lack of funding or changes to systems that would affect the member's benefits. As you know, one of the primary responsibilities of the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer is to administer the various pension plans in the state that serve over 875,000 active and retired employees, including state employees, teachers, and local government workers.

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