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JanetCowellphoto-web150.jpgAwareness and Learning:  Two Primary Keys to Financial Success

As State Treasurer, financial literacy is a top priority for my office.  We have launched and supported a number of programs that offer financial counseling and education to citizens of all ages.  We are committed to helping North Carolina's families increase their understanding of finances and ability to grow personal wealth.

Being aware of the importance of good financial practices and learning how to save and invest your money wisely can lead to financial stability and a secure retirement.  I encourage you to learn more about the financial literacy resources available to you on our website.  We will continue to add a variety of resources to enable strong financial practices for all North Carolina citizens.

Thank you for your interest in solid financial practices.  Together, we can build and maintain a financially strong and prosperous North Carolina.   - Janet Cowell, State Treasurer ​