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Increase Customer Service

Customer orientation is at the top of the list of core values for the Department of State Treasurer.  It is our commitment to keep the customer, the citizens of the state of North Carolina, at the center of our focus in all that we do.

With the many programs and services that the Department provides, continuous improvement of customer service remains a strategic goal.  We will be improving technology as well as processes to ensure that each North Carolina citizen experiences time savings and solid customer service when accessing or inquiring about Department of State Treasurer services.


  • Improve Unclaimed Property program
  • Achieve a 98% paid status of retirement applications within 60 days
  • Increase on-time paid status (after board approval) of disability applications
  • Improve customer service in call center
  • Increase availability, quality, and use of self-service technologies, saving customers time and improving quality of customer experience
  • Educate and empower Department staff to provide improved customer service 
  • Increase customer satisfaction with Department services